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Sneeze psychology

You may be a snorter or even a squeaker, but it turns out that the way you sneeze could reveal a lot about you.

A loud explosive sneeze is likely to come from an outgoing, demonstrative person, while someone who is shy will hold back, resulting in a stifled squeak, according to a US study. Neurologist Dr Alan Hirsch said: "Sneezes are like laughter. Some laughs are loud, some are soft. It's a psychological thing."

Staring down thieves

Bike thefts have been significantly reduced by putting pictures of staring eyes above cycle racks, researchers have said.

The two-year experiment at Newcastle University in England was mooted by a security manager at the campus. Academics found that bike racks which had eyes placed above them experienced 62pc fewer thefts than the previous year, while those without eyes saw thefts increase by 63pc.

Starr rearrested

COMEDIAN Freddie Starr has been rearrested over fresh allegations of sexual offences by officers investigating the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, it emerged last night.

Oz hacker faces jail

An Australian man who police say was affiliated with hacking collective Lulz Security has been arrested on a charge of attacking a government website.

Australian Federal Police said the IT worker was arrested at his Sydney office. Police say the man claimed to be the Australian leader of Lulz Security, or LulzSec. Police did not release the man's name or say which government website was hacked. If convicted, he could face up to 12 years in jail.

JLS announce split

Chart-topping boy band JLS have shocked fans by announcing they are to split.

The group, whose hits include 'Everybody In Love' and 'The Club Is Alive', said they had been agonising over the decision for months. The quartet found fame on 'The X Factor' in the 2008.

Myers's movie pain

Mike Myers has confessed the 'Wayne's World' film was an emotional blur for him because his father was dying at the time he was making the movie. The 'Austin Powers' star reunited with his co-star Dana Carvey in Los Angeles to mark the movie's 21-year anniversary.

Pacific quake

A strong earthquake has struck the South Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea.

The magnitude-6.4 quake struck at a depth of 10 miles.

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