Saturday 17 February 2018

Snake in cutlery stirs up trouble

A WOMAN discovered a snake in her cutlery drawer as she made a cup of tea.

The woman encountered the reptile when she reached in to find a teaspoon at her home in Aberdeen, Scotland. She rang police, who called in the SPCA, which is now caring for the red, black and brown-striped milk snake. Staff have named the snake Spooner.

Drive to get cars run on whiskey

A SCOTTISH distillery has signed a deal to turn by-products from whiskey production into fuel for cars.

In what is a world first, the Tullibardine distillery in Perthshire has linked up with a spin-out company from Napier University in Edinburgh. They plan to use bacteria to feed on the "leftovers" from the whiskey making process. This will produce butanol, which can be used to fuel vehicles.

Dog shows kitty some puppy love

A DOG in the US is raising an abandoned kitten, even producing milk and nursing the stray to health.

The kitten was just days old when found in a barn near Minneapolis. When it meowed, the family dog, a four-year-old Pekingese named Mittens, began licking the kitten, who began suckling. Mittens hadn't had puppies in two years, yet she began producing milk.

JK conjures up treat for adults

THE publishing world is gearing up for its biggest event of the year so far -- when 'Harry Potter' author JK Rowling unveils her first ever novel for adults.

'The Casual Vacancy', Rowling's first full-length book in five years, goes on sale tomorrow and is set to be a guaranteed bestseller.

Buffy adds baby boy to her brood

'BUFFY The Vampire Slayer' star Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr have added a boy to their brood.

The baby, whose name has not been released, was born in Los Angeles. The couple, who also have a three-year-old daughter, Charlotte, celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this month.

Healthy hospital food for Big Apple

HOSPITALS in New York are to be banned from selling sugary or fatty foods in cafes and vending machines as part of a new health campaign by mayor Michael Bloomberg.

In recent years, the city's 15 public hospitals have also cut calories in patients' meals, and restricted the sale of drinks and unhealthy snacks.

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