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Tuesday 20 March 2018

Small bit of bother

A disabled man has been awarded $8,000 (€6,264) by Disneyland in California after the 'It's A Small World' ride broke, stranding him for three hours while its theme song played continuously.

Jose Martinez was the only passenger not evacuated when the ride broke down and staff failed to call the fire department to free him.

Bust goes to pot

The US Supreme Court says police using a drugs sniffer dog outside a house being used to grow marijuana violated the homeowner's constitutional rights.

It backed a lower court decision throwing out the evidence seized because of Franky the drug-sniffing dog's alert to police. Judges said a house and its surroundings Were a constitutionally protected area.

Boy with dead mum

Police found an emaciated four-year-old boy in a flat with the body of his mother, who appeared to have been dead for about five days. The boy tried to get food from the refrigerator but could not open the door, the police director in Union, northern New Jersey, said.

He said the boy had rubbed lotion on his mother in an apparent attempt to help her, leaving behind his handprints. Police do not suspect foul play.

Spray bugs bees

Commonly used pesticides confuse bees by disrupting the learning circuits in their brains, a study has found. The effects could make it harder for bees to forage among flowers for food.

Bees exposed to two kinds of pesticide were slower to learn or completely forgot important associations between floral scents and nectar.

Attack victims fearful

Victims of muggings and assaults are left with persistent feelings of paranoia that can affect their relationships with others, research has shown. Two- thirds of those taking part in a study remained "excessively fearful" of people around them for at least six months.

The feelings of wariness and distrust were distinct from symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, which affected 16pc of participants. Victims' paranoia was especially pronounced if they had been attacked by someone they knew, the study carried out at a London hospital found.

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