Wednesday 21 February 2018

Slave's love letter outlines 'torment' by 'relatives' who held her captive

New details emerge about alleged slavery victims
New details emerge about alleged slavery victims
ON WATCH: Police stand guard outside Peckford Place on the Angell Estate in Brixton, south London yesterday
PROBE: A London policeman on duty yesterday during the investigation into the suspected slavery case. Photo: Luke MacGregor

A love letter sent by the woman kept as a slave for 30 years reveals her "torment" at the hands of her alleged captors.

A letter from the woman who has spent her entire life as a slave in a London maisonette reveals that she felt "like a fly trapped in a spider's web" by her alleged captors.

The 30-year-old became infatuated with neighbour Marius Feneck, 26, and is thought to have secretly sent more than 500 letters to him over a period of seven years, some scented and with kisses on them.


In one letter, published in the Daily Express, the woman repeatedly pleads with Feneck not to confront her alleged enslavers.


It reads: "My darling Angel, my beloved sweetheart, (please do not talk about this or show this to anyone else!!! And do not try to do anything for me!!!)"


She tells Feneck that she wants him to know "the truth" and that she "begged" her alleged captors "not to tear us apart".


She writes: "They imprisoned me here, locking all the doors and windows."


She goes on to claim that she suffers "unspeakable torment" and repeatedly criticises her alleged captors "who dare to call themselves my 'relatives'."


Mr Feneck’s girlfriend, Rachael Price, 25, said the woman had been writing the letters for seven years, posting them in the couple’s letterbox when she walked past.


“They were scented and she would walk slightly behind the old couple as they passed the letterboxes on the ground floor, so she could slip them in our letter box.


“In them she said she loved him and wanted to be with him for ever. There must have been about 500 letters sent to him over the years, some with lipstick kisses on them, and they were deeply obsessive.”


Details of how two other “slaves” held for more than 30 years had met their captor in a “collective” through a “shared political ideology” have also been disclosed by police.


The two women - a 69-year-old from Malaysia and an Irish 57-year-old - became enslaved after the collective ended, the officer leading the inquiry into their ordeal said.


The third woman who was freed by officers last month was the 30-year-old who had a birth certificate but no other official documentation and had been apparently enslaved all her life.


The disclosures were among a series of developments that included:


• The alleged captors, a man and a woman both aged 67, were said by police to be an Indian and a Tanzanian who came to Britain in the Sixties;


• The five-year-old council maisonette where they lived in south London was identified, raising questions over what the local authority knew was going on in the home;


• Neighbours described how they had thought the alleged captors were “carers” for the three because they saw one of the alleged slaves being pushed in a wheelchair;


• Cult experts said the nature of their captivity showed how political ideologies could act like religious cults;


• Theresa May, the Home Secretary, writing for The Telegraph, warned that slavery was now widespread in modern Britain in places including nail bars.


The new twists in the slavery investigation follow the disclosure on Thursday that the three women had been rescued and their alleged captors arrested.

(By David Barrett, Patrick Sawer and Claire Duffin)

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