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Friday 23 February 2018

Six-story billboard in New York vandalised by drone artist

Kendall Jenner's vandalised billboard in New York Credit: YouTube
Kendall Jenner's vandalised billboard in New York Credit: YouTube Newsdesk

A six-story Calvin Klein billboard was vandalism by what has been dubbed the world’s first example of “drone art”.

Overnight on Wednesday, a cluster of red spray-painted lines appeared across the face of US model Kendall Jenner, whose oversize image is currently adorning one of New York City’s biggest billboard advertisements.

The six-storey high poster is near-impossible for a person to reach, even by climbing or rappelling, but a video has now emerged of a DJI Phantom drone hovering at night in front of the poster, spraying paint from an attached aerosol can.

"It turned out surprisingly well,” said Katsu, a Banksy-esque anonymous street artist who was controlling the miniature helicopter.

“It’s exciting to see its first potential use as a device for vandalism,” he told Wired.

“As an artist and a graffiti writer, I want to push to make the drone a tool that I can use, but it's also a bit of a statement.”

The artist's unconventional 'work of art' was captured in a video and posted on YouTube.

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