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Shocked wife sees shark kill husband

A man has been killed by a shark during a beach swim in Australia while his wife looked on from the shore.

British-born former IT worker Paul Wilcox (50) had gone for a mid-morning swim in gentle clear surf at Byron Bay, the popular tourist destination.

Shortly after 10.30am yesterday, he was bitten above the right knee by what is believed to have been a 13-foot great white shark.

He was dragged to shore where his wife of 24 years, Victoria Wilcox, watched in horror as rescuers tried in vain to resuscitate him.

A paddle-boarder, Mark Hickey, who assisted in the rescue, said the shark bit Mr Wilcox and appeared to return for a further attack. "I saw what looked like seaweed, but it was blood in the water," said Mr Hickey, a lawyer.

"I thought it was a dead turtle, but then I could see the shark circling and the object moving. The shark came back to him and had another go.


"I didn't know it was a person, but when I realised I ran out and waded to the bank and grabbed him and did CPR, but it was too late."

A large shark was filmed in the area after the attack. "It looks like it's a great white," said Bobbie Cullen, a local police spokeswoman. "I'm pretty sure he [Mr Wilcox] was out swimming on his own. His wife was on the beach at the time. He was only 50 or 65 feet from the beach." (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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