Sunday 21 January 2018

Shell shock discovery

A snail has been discovered that is so tiny, 10 of them could fit side-by-side in the eye of a needle.

Angustopila dominikae, whose shell measures just 0.86 millimetres, is possibly the world's smallest land snail.

It was one of seven 'microsnail' species discovered at the base of limestone rocks in Guangxi province, southern China.

Customer in a pickle

A customer in a McDonald's in New Mexico was not loving it when employees mistakenly put pickles on his order.

Police in Carlsbad say officers had to end a public disturbance at the fast-food restaurant after the customer began harassing employees over the mistake.

Workers told police the man raised his voice and started throwing things off the restaurant's counter. Police say officers issued the man with a verbal warning.

School's green gaffe

An eight-year-old girl received a one-day suspension from her southern New Jersey school for wearing a shirt that was the wrong shade of green.

The girl's mother said that Winslow Township Elementary School sent her daughter home for wearing a kelly green polo shirt, which was deemed to be in violation of the Camden County school's dress code.

Other parents have reported that their children were suspended for wearing shirts of the wrong colour as well. The girl's mother called the suspension "a little ridiculous".

Roped into record bid

An Ohio runner plans to skip the course of the Akron marathon in his quest for a Guinness world record.

David Livingston has been training for several months for the attempt, which involves continually swinging the rope over the 26.2-mile course.

David has run every Akron marathon since its 2003 launch. He did it while juggling in 2008 and wearing sandals in 2010. He must run at a time of just under four-and-a-half hours for the record to stand.

Panda dropping hints

Belgian researchers are examining the excrement of giant pandas to try to understand how they can digest tough bamboo, hoping for clues on how to develop new generations of biofuel.

The genetic make-up of endangered pandas is that of a carnivore, but the animals have adapted to a diet consisting almost exclusively of bamboo.

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