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Saturday 24 August 2019

'Shame on you!' - Mother angry with people who looked at son dressed as princess butterfly 'with disgust'

Clare Cullen

A Virginia mother has expressed her anger over people she says "looked at my princess butterfly son with disgust".

Stephanie Marie Manus contacted to share her story.

She says that her four year-old son wanted to dress as a  'princess butterfly' and she "let him" because "it's called having an imagination and being free to be whoever or whatever he wanted to be".

She told that one man "thought it was OK to ignore a four-year-old boy while he was trying to complement (him) because he was in a princess costume... shame on you!"

"To the ignorant woman who suggested 'I wanted a girl so I MADE him dress like a princess... no he asked to be a princess butterfly!"

She said her son was "so proud of himself and had a blast" in a butterfly princess costume.

She said she wants to ask the people to explain why they seemed to have an issue with her son's choice.

"Why is it ok for your daughter to be a ninja turtle, super hero, racecar driver, ninja, and so on but it is NOT ok for my son to want to be a butterfly princess?"

"Is that such a problem that my very imaginative 4 yr old innocent loving child wants to be happy playing dress up on halloween or any other time for that matter?"

"Did it somehow ruin your day? Spoil the event in any way?"

She added that she would like to thank "the awesome people who did compliment him and enjoyed his high-spirit attitude.. he appreciated it and so did I. You rock".

She is asking people to share their stories of acceptance with the hashtag #FreeToBeMe.

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