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Sea dog rescue

A springer spaniel has been reunited with his owners - after spending more than a week trapped at sea.

Sprig was rescued after an RNLI crew spotted the dog trapped on a rocky ledge at the foot of the highest sea cliffs in England. The nine-year-old had disappeared during a walk with his owners, Mark and Susie Sanders, at Foreland Point in north Devon on August 22.

Out on a limb

CEDRIC Chauvaud, the man who helped researchers gain access to the highest canopy of the Amazon rainforest, has now created the UK's first treetop trampoline adventure park.

With bridges, slides, giant trampolines, walkways and tunnels, Treetop Nets allows daredevils to explore the trees while up to 30 feet off the ground. The aerial attraction, is set in Brockhole near Windermere in Cumbria,

TV station stormed

Anti-government protesters stormed Pakistan's state television building Monday, forcing the channel briefly off the air as they clashed with police and pushed closer to the prime minister's residence.

The violence comes as part of the mass demonstrations led by cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri and opposition politician Imran Khan that demand Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resign.

Snappy customer

A gigantic alligator caught by a family in Alabama earlier this month has set a Safari Club International world record. The 71.4 stone alligator,had a total length of 15ft 9in. The alligator was caught by the Stokes family after battling with it for more than five hours. It was hooked in a creek about 80 miles west of Montgomery, Alabama.

On a roll

Japan is urging people to stock up on toilet paper, because more than 40pc of the nation's supply comes from a high-risk earthquake zone.

The Trade and Industry Ministry is promoting special toilet paper for emergency use, marking national disaster prevention day today. Officials say people immediately think of food and water as relief goods, but easily forget toilet paper.

Weapons seized

Thousands of knives, nearly 50 firearms and more than 100 replica guns have been seized at courts in England and Wales in the last two years, new figures have shown.

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