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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Scrabble spells trouble

ll The controversy over the sending-off of a Welsh player by Irish referee Alain Rolland at the Rugby World Cup pales into insignificance when compared to the trouble at the World Scrabble Championships.

This was hardly surprising. Scrabble riots can break out at any time anywhere.

This year it was a mysterious missing letter 'G' that caused the disruption as wordsmiths did battle in Warsaw.

A Thai player demanded that Englishman Ed Martin be taken to the toilet and strip-searched to prove he had not hidden a 'G' tile that went missing during their game.

In the end, judges ruled in Martin's favour.

Scrabble historians said it was the championship's most controversial incident since one player accused another of eating a tile some years ago.

ll There's a way of dealing with every unexpected eventuality. How, for example, do you respond to a sword-wielding bandit wearing a Spiderman mask if they walk into your shop demanding money?

It's simple. A man in a shop in North Carolina facing this situation pulled out a broom and poked the suspect in the stomach.

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