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Scarlett has baby girl

Actress Scarlett Johansson and her fiance Romain Dauriac have welcomed a baby girl, who they have named Rose.

Marcel Pariseau, a spokesman for the 29-year-old actress, said mother and daughter are doing well.

He added that the couple are seeking privacy and are supporters of the No Kids Policy, the celebrity effort to keep the children of famous people out of the public eye.

Tumble dry terror

A 5-year-old girl was hospitalised after she was trapped in a laundromat washing machine for several minutes and spun at high speeds, police said. The girl had extensive injuries but was expected to survive the incident in Pasadena, about 10 miles (16 km) southeast of Houston, they said

Shot in the foot

An Idaho State University assistant professor with a concealed-carry gun permit shot himself in the foot with a semi-automatic handgun that accidentally discharged from inside his pocket in a chemistry classroom full of students.

No other injuries were reported and no charges have been filed in the shooting.

Sharing is caring

Japan's first lady said she has such a busy schedule that sometimes it is up to the prime minister to do the dishes or take out the rubbish.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is pushing companies and the government to hire and promote more women, having appointed five women to his 18-member Cabinet. He has also said he wants 30pc of senior business and political positions occupied by women by 2020. His wife, Akie Abe, said that her husband gives her time for activities, including raising organic rice.

Belly ache

Egypt's top religious body has demanded a new belly-dancing TV show be suspended for "corrupting morals" and serving "extremists" who could use it as a pretext in order to depict Egyptian society as anti-Islamic. A statement by Dar al-Ifta, the top body that advises Muslims on religious and life issues, said that the Dancer show "serves extremists who take such matters as a justification to promote the idea that society is fighting religion".

The show was aired only once on the Cairo and People satellite television network.

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