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Sarkozy awarded €1 in fraud case

A French court awarded President Nicolas Sarkozy €1 in damages yesterday because fraudsters took money from his personal account after obtaining his account details.

The Versailles appeals court decided that Mr Sarkozy was eligible to make a civil complaint in the case. The decision overturned an earlier ruling which said that because a serving president has legal immunity, Mr Sarkozy's complaint should be heard at the end of his term.

US embassy staff 'being harassed'

The US embassy in Pakistan has complained that its staff are being harassed and detained as they travel around the country.

US officials say they need more room and people to help distribute a $7.5bn (€5.2bn) humanitarian aid package to Pakistan, whose co-operation Washington needs to fight al-Qa'ida-allied militants on the Pakistan-Afghan border.

Gatecrash couple in club opening

The US couple who gatecrashed the White House are planning a Las Vegas nightclub outing -- but this time they are definitely on the guest list.

Would-be reality TV couple Tareq and Michaele Salahi, of Virginia, will party on January 16 at Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip, less than two months after the publicity-seeking Salahis made their way into a state dinner without being official guests.

Sex offender dies by lethal injection

A convicted US sex offender who killed his 12-year-old stepdaughter has been executed for the killing.

Gerald Bordelon (47) was executed by lethal injection at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. He had waived his right to appeal against his sentence. Bordelon sexually assaulted and strangled Courtney LeBlanc in 2002 after kidnapping her from her home at knifepoint.

Reeves paternity suit is thrown out

A paternity suit launched by a Canadian woman seeking millions of dollars from actor Keanu Reeves has been thrown out by a judge.

Karen Sala claimed she had a sexual relationship with the actor and that they lived together. Reeves (45) denies ever having met Ms Sala.

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