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Rude parrot seeks owner with GSOH

The RSPCA in the UK has come clean about Beaky the parrot's shortcomings. Supervisor Angelina Lusher said anyone who takes him in will have to put up with some rude language. He also bites.

Beaky will only be given to new owners with experience handling exotic birds. Ms Lusher says Beaky needs interaction with people or other birds to have a fulfilling life.

Drunken intruder kicked to the kerb

A drunk who wandered into the wrong home is licking his wounds after being given a good hiding by Jannine Ramirez (20), who had just won a karate competition.

She arrived at her California apartment and heard 18-year-old Wilberto Zapata inside. She kicked him through a shower door before landing punches until he was out of the apartment.

Holy Poland tries to stop Halloween

Catholic bishops in Poland have declared Halloween harmful because it promotes "diabolical" behaviour. Under the vestige of fun, they say, Halloween is "destroying the spiritual life".

Warsaw Archbishop Kazimierz Nycz said Halloween goes against the teachings of the church by promoting the "occult and magic".

US city claims the crown for beards

Virginia City has emerged as the state of Nevada's "most bearded community" following a contest.

It won by producing 57 bearded men at the competition. The home team of Carson City had 46.

Mother of 14 takes much-needed rest

A mother of 14, including a set of octuplets, has checked into a rehabilitation centre in the US, citing anxiety, exhaustion and stress.

Nadya Suleman will be in treatment for at least 28 days. Three nannies and two of Ms Suleman's friends will care for her octuplets, who are three, and her six older children.

China stares down Norway over prize

China is signalling no end to a two-year-old frost in relations with Norway prompted by the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to imprisoned Chinese writer Liu Xiaobo.

Assistant Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu accused Norway's government of supporting the Nobel jury's 2010 decision, despite the fact that Oslo cannot interfere with its rulings.

The award infuriated China, which accused Norway of honouring a criminal.

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