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Tuesday 16 January 2018

Rubbish boyfriend dodges lovers' tiff

A MAN who jumped into his apartment's rubbish chute to escape from a row with his girlfriend had to be rescued by emergency workers.

The 31-year-old plunged from the eighth floor of an apartment building in Siberia, before getting stuck three floors down. Residents called emergency services after hearing his shouts for help.

Strippers strike over scanty wages

TOPLESS dancers at the renowned Crazy Horse night club in Paris have gone on strike, saying they are not being paid enough to take the shirts off their backs.

The Crazy Horse, one of the most popular establishments of its kind in the world, has been forced to cancel performances for the first time since the cabaret was created in 1951.

Baby red crabs invade islands

HUNDREDS of thousands of red baby crabs are invading the Cayman Islands in a seasonal migration that residents say is unusually heavy this year.

The crabs are blanketing roads, scurrying across yards and scratching their way up homes and buildings in a process that scientists say will last about a month.

'Diamond thief' sits on evidence

CANADIAN police are holding a man who allegedly swallowed a $20,000 diamond for as long as it takes for him to produce the evidence.

It has been nearly a week since Richard Mackenzie Matthews (52) is alleged to have switched a diamond at a jeweller's in Windsor, Ontario, and swallowed the real one. Sergeant Brett Corey said Matthews has been to the toilet numerous times, but the diamond has not yet passed.

Malaysia to hang Mexican drug trio

THREE Mexican brothers were yesterday sentenced to death by hanging by a Malaysian court for drug trafficking.

The brothers -- Jose Regino Gonzales (33), Simon (37) and Luis Alfonso (44) -- were arrested at a secluded drug-making factory in 2008 and claimed they had been cleaning the place, not making drugs.

Poachers target rare anteaters

POACHERS in Zimbabwe are targeting rare anteaters because of a growing demand for exotic animal parts for Asian traditional medicine, animal welfare activists say.

The outer scales of a young male pangolin were recently removed by poachers in the north east of the country.

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