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Rooney admits to hair transplant

WAYNE Rooney is set to become an unlikely role model after he admitted having had a hair transplant.

The Manchester United footballer gave the news to his 740,000 Twitter followers yesterday: "I was going bald at 25 why not. I'm delighted with the result. It's still a bit bruised and swollen when it dies down u will be first to see it." A few minutes later, Rooney made an appeal to get #hairwego trending on Twitter.

Rooney's secret was revealed yesterday when a photographer spotted the striker emerging from the Harley Street Hair Clinic, which provides "follicular unit extraction".

The procedure, carried out over several eight-hour sessions, involves taking thousands of hair follicles from the back of the head and "planting" them in a bald area.

Rooney's wife, Coleen, seemed delighted with the results: "His own decision not me asking him, like a lot are saying! Pleased for him and it will look great."

Genetic background is the main cause of baldness but physical and emotional stress can also be factors.

Rooney's sessions are thought to have cost a high five-figure sum, as one twitterer pointed out: "Seriously, get yourself down to Harley Street everyone. For just 37,500 pounds, you too can look this good."

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