Monday 20 November 2017

Rock star Michael Hutchence 'took own life after argument with Bob Geldof'

Michael Hutchence holds his daughter, Tiger Lily.
Michael Hutchence holds his daughter, Tiger Lily.

INXS star Michael Hutchence went on a drug and alcohol bender after an argument with Bob Geldof before taking his own life, according to the two detectives who led the investigation into his death.

Around the time of his death, Mr Hutchence was in a custody battle along with his partner Paula Yates against her ex-husband Bob Geldof.

On 22 November 1997, Hutchence fought with Geldof over the phone, as the Boomtown Rats singer refused to let his daughter Tiger Lilly spend Christmas with them in Australia, the detectives claim.

Not long after, Hutchence spent time looking for cocaine in the hotel room, but couldn't find any.

Giving up the search for drugs, the rocker called his agent and said: "I've had enough." He then ran a bath before hanging himself with a belt by his hotel room door, where he was found the following morning.

Investigators Michael Gerondis and Mark Smith said the singer also had a deep, infected cigarette burn which went "down to the bone". Mr Gerondis told the Sydney Sunday Telegraph that his body was found by the hotel maid.

"The maid could not get in because he was behind the door and as she pushed the door the belt snapped and he fell down. Poor maid," he said.

Mr Smith added that Ms Yates refused to accept their verdict on the death, insisting he died accidentally during a sex game.

"She was just adamant that she wanted her child growing up believing it was an accidental death by auto-eroticism, instead of the fact that he killed himself because he wanted to see his child," he said.

Ms Yates died from a heroin overdose in 200 and Tiger Lilly was adopted by Mr Geldof. Mr Hutchence's family received no money from his estate.

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