Friday 24 January 2020

Raise a glass or three as key to brain power found

Victoria Ward

A regular glass of champagne could improve your memory, according to scientists.

Researchers found that three glasses of bubbly a day could help ward off brain disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

They discovered that a compound found in the black grapes, Pinot noir and Pinot meunier, both of which are used for champagne, helps stave off forgetfulness.

It is not the first time scientists have identified health benefits in champagne. In 2009, the same team found that it was as good for the heart as cocoa or red wine polyphenol antioxidants, which are believed to reduce the effects of cell-damaging free radicals in the body.


The memory aid found in champagne is a different compound, phenolic acid.

In the latest study, researchers found that the drink provoked a noticeable boost to spatial memory.

The experiments were conducted on rats, which had champagne mashed into their food every day for six weeks.

Each rat was then left to run in a maze to find an edible treat. Five minutes later, the exercise was repeated.

Without champagne, the rats had a 50pc success rate, but after a tipple their score shot up to an average 70pc.

The scientists now hope to conduct a trial on up to 60 pensioners. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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