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Quiz-show model is awarded $7.7m

A JURY in Los Angeles has awarded a former model on 'The Price Is Right' $7.7m (€6m) in damages after the game show discriminated against her because she was pregnant.

Brandi Cochran (41) said she was rejected when she tried to return from maternity leave in 2010.

Club banned over Savile fancy dress

A STUDENT rugby club has been banned from playing for the rest of the term following a rowdy night out when members dressed up as Jimmy Savile, his victims and police.

The bad taste fancy dress night by members of St Cuthbert's Society Men's Rugby Club, of Durham University, included allegations that one person stripped off, the attempted theft of a dartboard and a fire alarm being set off at another venue.

Foetal yawns help brain to develop

SCIENTISTS have shown conclusively for the first time that unborn babies yawn repeatedly in the womb.

But it is not because they are bored – the likeliest explanation is that yawning is essential to brain development.

Imams v priests match raises €4k

A FOOTBALL match between Muslim imams and Catholic priests has helped raise funds for a kindergarten in Bosnia.

More than 4,000 people paid €1 to watch the game in the central town of Zenica, cheering "Bosnia! Bosnia!". The Catholics won 5-3.

Zoo thief batters monkey to death

A MAN accused of killing a monkey at a zoo in Boise, Idaho, hoped to steal the animal but clubbed it to death with a branch after it bit him, prosecutors said.

Michael Watkins entered the zoo, picked a lock to get into the primate enclosure and removed the patas monkey.

Woman (105) gets school place offer

A 105-YEAR-OLD woman in eastern Sweden got a letter offering her a place at a pre-school class.

The invitations were sent to everyone in Tierp born in '07', including Anna Eriksson who lives in a nursing home. The school had lists of everyone born in 2007, but no one realised in her case it was 1907.

NASA tracks dust storm on Mars

NASA is tracking a dust storm on Mars which was spotted by the Reconnaissance Orbiter, but it has not affected its two rovers on the surface.

The storm came within 840 miles of Opportunity, and on the other side of the planet Curiosity detected changes in air pressure.

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