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Puppy smugglers

Spanish police have arrested a Venezuelan veterinarian wanted by the US for allegedly trafficking heroin by implanting it in puppies.

A police spokesman said yesterday that Andres Lopez Elorza (33) was arrested on Saturday in the northwestern town of Santa Comba, where he had been hiding.

Police said Colombian authorities discovered 6.6 pounds of heroin implanted in three puppies during a 2005 raid on a clinic the vet ran in Medellin.

Century-old Scotch

An unopened bottle of whisky taken to the front line of World War I is to be auctioned.

The Croft Blend Fine Old Scotch was taken to France by Corporal William Mill in 1914 but was never opened and he brought it home with him when he returned to Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

The bottle was stored in a suitcase under a bed at Cpl Mill's home. It has since been passed down through his family.

Cornering the market

Cars that can "see round corners" are now on the market, offering an end to the practice of drivers having to edge out at blind junctions.

The Ford motor company has come up with a video camera installed in the front grille that displays to the driver a 180-degree view from the front of the car.

At a blind junction or when exiting a driveway, the camera enables drivers to easily spot approaching vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists.

Wedding backfires

The couple whose wedding at Manhattan's famous Waldorf Astoria hotel was cut short when a guest's gun accidentally went off want their money back.

Bride Anna Goldshmidt and her husband Elan Stratiyevsky intend to sue or negotiate with the hotel for the costs of the wedding.

They are also considering a lawsuit against Vladimir Gotlibovsky, a wedding guest who accidentally fired his gun, grazing a woman in the head. Charges against him have been deferred.

Petty crime

Norfolk, UK Police and Crime Commissioner Stephen Bett has described examples of incidents his county's police are having to record as violent crimes as "jaw-dropping".

They include a man being hit with a biscuit and a child being brushed with a stinging nettle.

Mr Bett recently asked the county's chief constable to explain a 14pc rise in crime, as he suspected there was more to the figures than the bare statistics.

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