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Prisoners killed

AT least 10 people were killed when a bus carrying prisoners lost control on an icy motorway and collided with a train in Texas yesterday.

Ants outsmarted

A carnivorous plant displays what looks like plant intelligence to outwit its insect prey, scientists have learned. The pitcher plant disables its traps for hours on end to lure the ants it feeds on into a false sense of security. Scout ants pass the word back to their nests that a bountiful source of sweet nectar is available, deep inside the plant's funnel-like "pitcher". When a large number of worker ants take the bait, the plant finally springs its trap.

Dog has its day

A dog believed to be the "most overlooked" in Britain has been re-homed after spending seven years in a rescue centre.

Jed arrived at the Dogs Trust in Darlington as a puppy in 2007 and has since spent more than 50 dog years searching for a new home.

But the lurcher finally has a new family after being rejected by an estimated 14,000 potential owners during his time at the centre.

Wake-up call

Thousands of Australians were woken an hour early by their mobile phones yesterday morning as networks mistakenly switched to daylight saving time in Queensland, despite the state opting out of the practice in 1972.

Customers of Virgin Mobile and Optus reported being woken up an hour before they expected to be as key parts of the mobile infrastructure pushed clocks forward an hour.

Giant shark alert

Authorities in Australia have closed the beaches in the city of Newcastle for the past five days after successive sightings of a deadly 15-foot, 1.7-ton great white shark - the largest ever seen in the region.

The local council in the city, which is about 100 miles north of Sydney, said the shark was of "a size that has not been seen before around Newcastle".

Good call

POLICE say they found a three-year-old boy who was sitting in a car stolen outside a Utah day care centre after he answered his mother's mobile phone and sounded the horn to draw their attention.

The boy's mother left the unlocked car running as she dropped off another child, police in the city of Ogden said. When she walked out, she saw someone driving her car away with her son inside.

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