Thursday 24 January 2019

Police video shows handcuffed woman stealing patrol car

Body camera footage shows a perplexed police officer trying to get back into his vehicle.

Screengrab of the woman driving off in the patrol car (AP)
Screengrab of the woman driving off in the patrol car (AP)

By Associated Press Reporter

Police in the US have released video of a handcuffed woman driving off in a patrol car.

Angie Frost, 37, was taken into custody on March 30 on suspicion of driving a stolen car, authorities in Oklahoma said.

An officer handcuffed Frost and placed her in the front seat of his patrol car while he searched the vehicle she had been driving.

Body camera video shows officers standing next to the patrol car when one notices Frost is in the driver’s seat.

“What is she doing?” the officer says.

Another replies: “She’s trying to steal your car.”

Dash cam video shows Frost driving away.

Authorities said she was eventually pulled over and taken back into custody.

Records indicate Frost is serving a three-year prison sentence after pleading guilty in May to larceny and other charges.

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