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Wednesday 20 June 2018

Pin-up Marilyn was 'flatulent, dirty and ate in bed'

Emily Dugan

SHE may have been the very epitome of Hollywood glamour, but Marilyn Monroe was flatulent, ate in bed and rarely washed, according to a new book.

Portraits of her as an apparent image of feminine perfection adorn thousands of walls around the world but when it came to issues of hygiene, Monroe's habits shocked her co-stars, claims the author of a new biography of Clark Gable.

Gable and Monroe appeared alongside one another in the 1961 film, 'The Misfits', written by the actress's then husband Arthur Miller. It even became something of a Hollywood legend that the co-stars then embarked on a torrid love affair.

Such rumours, though, are rubbish, according to David Bret, author of 'Clark Gable: Tormented Star', which will be published in the US in September. In as much as Gable had a fetish for cleanliness, "she could not have been less fastidious regarding her personal hygiene", says Bret, who claims Monroe's interest in Gable was shunned.

"Like Jean Harlow, she bleached all her pubic hair and never wore panties," writes Bret before adding, "she suffered from what today would be described as irritable bowel syndrome."

Monroe's pin-up image is further called into question when the biographer describes the peculiar living habits that discouraged Gable's interest. "She rarely bathed, slept in the nude and ate a lot in bed." While Gable and Monroe's on-screen romance in 'The Misfits' was convincing, this new addition to a slew of biographies on the actors suggests the fling was confined to fiction. But, according to Bret, this was not due to a lack of interest on Monroe's part. But the making of the 1961 film was surrounded in gossip due to other factors, which included the breakdown of Miller and Monroe's marriage and her increasing addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol.

'The Misfits' also turned out to be the final film appearance for Monroe and Gable. Two weeks after filming finished, Gable died from a heart attack. Monroe's suicide followed a year later. (© Independent News Service)

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