Sunday 15 September 2019

Pillow fights banned

America's West Point military academy has banned pillow fights after this year's traditional melee ended with dozens of injuries, broken bones and threats of legal action.

First-year cadets, nicknamed "plebes", organise the annual night-time pillow fight every August as a way to build camaraderie after a long summer of training for the young men and women destined to become America's military leaders. But this year the brawl caused a broken nose, one fractured cheek and at least 24 concussions.

Orangutan rescue

A BABY orangutan left to die in a filthy cardboard box in the sun in Borneo is showing further strong signs of recovery less than two months after being saved by a British charity.

Rescuers said the baby ape's appearance is now "beyond recognition" after he was found so lifeless that at first they thought he was dead. Now, less than two months later, the East Sussex-based International Animal Rescue clinic said the baby, who officials named Gito, is looking "healthy, happy and alert."

Drone strike

A WOMAN from Pennsylvania has been ordered to pay $600 (€565) for hurling driveway gravel at her next-door neighbour's drone.

Mark Shock said he was finishing up a flight in Harwick on August 30 when Martina Wlodarski hurled a stone and hit the remote-controlled aircraft. A video shows the drone going haywire after being hit, and Mr Shock said two blades flew off and nearly hit him in the face. Ms Wlodarski said she was frightened by the 3.5-pound aircraft and acted in self-defence. Criminal mischief charges were dropped on Monday after the neighbours agreed that Ms Wlodarski would pay Mr Shock restitution.

'Non-PC' sheriff

If you don't like a Georgia sheriff's political incorrectness, you can leave his county. That's what Harris Sheriff Mike Jolley warns on a new sign posted outside his department building.

The sign reads: "Warning: Harris County is politically incorrect. We say: Merry Christmas, God Bless America and In God We Trust. We salute our troops and our flag. If this offends you. Leave!"

Sheriff Jolley, who installed the sign, said he paid for the sign himself and wanted to give voice to what he considers to be a "silent majority".

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