Monday 20 November 2017

Phone app helps to trace hubby

A wife was reunited with her missing husband after police were able to trace him using an iPhone app.

Gloucestershire police tracked down the man after accessing his Find My iPhone feature using his log-in details. The force said their actions "ultimately led to a man's life being saved".

Going for silver... Games fans coin it

Sports fans have kept more than £10.2m (€12.7m) worth of the commemorative 50p sports coins found in their change as a keepsake of the London 2012 Games.

So far more than 70pc, of the coins have dropped out of circulation. This is 67 pc above the usual level of removal and the highest take out of a commemorative coin from general use by the public since decimalisation, the Royal Mint said.

'Kidnap' to avoid college deadline

A Brazilian college student has confessed to faking her own kidnapping as an excuse for not handing in a year-end university project.

Susan Paola Fadel Correia, (22), initially alleged she was abducted by three men, then held for 24 hours before being released. Police said she admitted that she spent the 24 hours at a friend's house.

Owner caught on canine camera

A Taiwanese judge has used a Google map showing a dog to find a man responsible for his neighbour's bicycle accident. Mr Lee denied being the dog's owner.

The victim, Mr Peng, said the dog chased him. He fell off his bike and injured his head. The judge said that Google Street View showed the dog in Mr Lee's yard meaning that he was its owner. Mr Lee was fined around €1,500.

Mum's the word for spy drama star

'Homeland' actress Claire Danes is expecting her first child with husband Hugh Dancy.

The American actress (33), who found fame in the television drama 'My So Called Life', met her British husband (37), while filming and they married in 2009.

Tot's lucky escape after pencil injury

A BRITISH toddler escaped a potentially fatal injury after a pencil pierced her eye socket and came within a millimetre of puncturing a major blood vessel in her brain.

Wren Bowell (2) fell over and landed on a pencil she was carrying which penetrated her right eye socket, narrowly missing her eyeball, before lodging 3.8cm into the front lobe of her brain.

Irish Independent

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