Tuesday 24 October 2017

Partridge and pear tree prices soar

Rocketing prices of partridges, pear trees and turtle doves have sent the cost of buying every item in the carol 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' soaring.

The 364 items repeated across the verses would cost $101,119 (€75,744) -- a 4.4pc increase over last year, said an annual US survey.

NY man searches for singing parrot

A heartbroken New York parrot owner is searching for his opera-singing bird.

Captain, a 25-year-old green and yellow Amazon parrot, flew off Allen Kirson's shoulder as they cycled in Brooklyn. The bird, who "loves to sing", has performed at children's hospitals.

Woman smuggled drugs in Bibles

A woman used two hollowed-out Bibles to try to smuggle weapons, drugs and a phone to a prison inmate in South Carolina.

One package she posted had two Bibles hiding razor knives, a phone, ecstasy pills and more than 28g of cocaine. After tracing her, police found a handgun, drugs, phones and cash in her car.

Son wins election in ballot error

A typographical mistake led to the election of the wrong man to a town's finance board in Connecticut.

James J Butler won 1,526 votes for the 10-member Board of Apportionment and Taxation. However, his father, James R Butler (72), was supposed to be on the ballot.

Father says sex was 'consensual'

A German man is on trial in Nuremberg on hundreds of counts of rape over claims he assaulted his daughter for more than three decades and fathered three sons by her.

As the trial opened yesterday, Adolf B (69) admitted to the court that he had frequent sex with his daughter, now 46, but said it was consensual. He is charged with 497 counts of rape.

Bale hangs up his superhero cape

'The Dark Knight Rises' may be Christian Bale's final performance as crime-fighting superhero Batman, the actor told the 'Philippine Daily Inquirer'.

Set for release in July, the movie is Mr Bale's third stint as Gotham's Caped Crusader under Christopher Nolan.

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