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Sunday 18 February 2018

Ozzy's long life to be investigated

SCIENTISTS are to study Ozzy Osbourne in a bid to find out why the rock star is still going strong after a life noted for its excesses.

DNA researchers in St Louis said they are part of a team working to determine why decades of substance abuse did not end the reign of the 61-year-old Prince of Darkness.

Just 20 minutes to buy a house

HOMEBUYERS typically spend just over 20 minutes viewing a property before they decide to purchase it, a survey suggests.

The average person looks around a home for only 21 minutes before they decide to buy it, according to UK mortgage provider ING Direct -- far less thanthe 284 minutes people spend when they buy a new television set.

Russian rejects $1m prize money

A RUSSIAN mathematician has rejected a $1m (€800,000) prize for solving one of the most challenging problems of a century.

Grigory Perelman told the Clay Mathematics Institute in Massachusetts he is turning down the prize as he believed that his contribution in proving the Poincare Conjecture was no less than that of US mathematician Richard Hamilton, who first suggested a programme for the solution.

Transgender first for 'Hollyoaks'

UK soap 'Hollyoaks' is to break new ground with the arrival of a teenage transgender character -- a boy trapped in a girl's body.

Actress Victoria Atkin (23) will play the role of 15-year-old Jasmine Costello, who desperately wants to be a boy and has a male alter ego, Jason.

'New Spider-Man' avoids trouble

ACTOR Josh Hutcherson was last night refusing to confirm or deny he has been chosen as the next Spider-Man.

Internet sites are buzzing with reports the 17-year-old will replace Toby Maguire. Hutcherson confirmed he auditioned but said he does not "want to get in trouble with anybody".

Father of Potter actress charged

THE father and brother of a Harry Potter actress have appeared in court charged with threatening to kill her.

Afshan Azad, 22, is cast as Padma Patil, a classmate of the adolescent wizard. The alleged incident is said to have taken place at her home in Manchester on May 21. Her brother Ashraf (28) is also accused of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

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