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Orangutan given contraception

An orangutan at a US zoo has become the first such animal in North America to receive an implanted birth control device.

The 'Plain Dealer' newspaper reports that a Cleveland Clinic women's health specialist was at the zoo on Tuesday to demonstrate how to implant the contraceptive. General curator Geoffrey Hall says the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo doesn't want the Bornean orangutan, Kira, to breed yet.

Paul McCartney's new bride is stepping down from the authority that runs New York City's public transit system.

Nancy Shevell married the Beatles great in October. She announced her resignation from the board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority at its meeting on Wednesday.

Uruguay's president has approved a $513,000 (€395,000) payment to Macarena Gelman, who was illegally adopted after her mother was tortured and disappeared.

The payment complies with an Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruling that accuses Uruguay of delaying justice for crimes committed by its dictatorship in the 1970s.

A Bulgarian man who assumed the identity of a murdered Ohio boy is getting out of prison and handed over to immigration officials.

Doitchin Krastev pleaded guilty in 2010 to passport fraud and identity theft, and apologised to the family of Jason Robert Evers.

A Texas woman may have spent up to a week in a rental car stuck in a dairy wastewater pond in Idaho after taking a wrong turn while looking for a hotel.

The sheriff's report said Lynn S Keesler (61) thought she had been stranded for three to five days, but a deputy gave her directions to the hotels in Burley on January 15. She walked to a house for help on January 22.

A 17th century portrait that hung in Elizabeth Taylor's California home has sold for $2m (€1.54m) at a New York City auction. It was only recently reattributed to the Dutch master Frans Hals.

Christie's says 'Portrait of a Man' went to a buyer bidding by phone. Its pre-sale estimate was up to $1m (€770,000).

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