Tuesday 28 January 2020

Obesity dementia risk

People who are obese could be putting themselves at risk of dementia in later life, new research suggests.

Patients under the age of 70 who are admitted to hospital for obesity carry a higher risk of developing the condition than those who were not recorded to be obese, experts found.Researchers at the University of Oxford found the risk was highest among those with a record of obesity when they are in their 30s. They found a 70pc heightened risk for people in their 40s, which fell to a 50pc increased risk for those in their 50s.

Chan 'ashamed' of son

Action movie star Jackie Chan has said he is "ashamed" and saddened over his son's detention on drug charges in Beijing, and apologised to the public. The Hong Kong film star wrote on his microblog that Jaycee Chan would have to face the consequences of his actions, but they would do so together. "I feel very angry and very shocked. As a public figure, I'm very ashamed. As a father, I'm heartbroken," Chan wrote.

Jaycee Chan (31) was detained last Thursday with Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko, becoming the latest high-profile celebrities to be ensnared in one of China's biggest anti-drug crackdowns in two decades.Police said both actors tested positive for marijuana and admitted using the drug, and that 100 grams (3.53 ounces) of it were taken from Chan's home..

Twitter change

Tweets from accounts that you do not follow will now appear in your Twitter timeline, the social network has confirmed.

The new feature has been added to the company's support page after users first reported the appearance of content from other accounts last week, with many believing it to be just an experiment. Normally, a user's Twitter timeline is filled by posts from accounts the user follows, as well as retweets from those accounts, but this has now changed.

Selfies a scourge

Fitness fans taking a selfie photograph of themselves during workouts has been named as the biggest pain for gym users.

Three out of four were most annoyed by fitness enthusiasts taking endless photographs of themselves before, during or even after a session, a survey of 2,400 adults found. Tight tank tops, ill-fitting Lycra or inappropriate trainers 
were also revealed as top peeves, according to the study by Velocity Health & Fitness, part of Village Urban Resorts.

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