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'Nuns' smuggle drugs

Three young women in nuns habits did not look devout enough so police asked them to step aside when they arrived on the Caribbean island of San Andres on a flight from Bogota, Colombia.

More than 4lbs of cocaine was found strapped to the legs of each woman. They were arrested and jailed on drug trafficking charges.

€1m dino returned

A 70-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton from the Gobi Desert that was smuggled to the US and auctioned for more than $1m (€765,000) has been returned by the US government to Mongolia.

The huge Tyrannosaurus bataar's skull was on display at a repatriation ceremony near the United Nations in New York, where officials formally turned over the nearly complete skeleton to Mongolian officials.

Fat chance for pets

Animal owners with podgy pets could be shortening their life by two years, new research has revealed.

New figures have revealed that nearly half the pets visiting vets in Britain are overweight. And a fifth of owners do not even acknowledge the problem, research by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) has shown.

Last word on Bible

A New York man is close to completing a mammoth mission to transcribe every word in the Bible.

Four years after starting with Genesis, 63-year-old Phillip Patterson has copied out more than 2,400 pages and will finish the final lines of the Book of Revelation during a ceremony at his church, St Peter's Presbyterian in Spencertown, on May 11.

Child gets windpipe

A two-year-old South Korean girl has become the world's youngest patient to receive a lab-made windpipe.

Hannah Warren, who was born without a windpipe, had spent her entire life in a Seoul hospital. She was taken to the Children's Hospital of Illinois in Peoria, where she was fitted with a windpipe made from stem cells taken from her bone marrow.

Players get the hump

A galloping group of circus animals sent players and spectators scattering when they staged a pitch invasion during a soccer match in Vienna being played by two under-15 girls' teams.

As the five Bactrian camels and eight llamas rushed on to the astroturf, the players and their fans ran to the circus that had set up its tent nearby.

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