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Northern Italy hit by strong tremor

A STRONG earth tremor of 5.1 magnitude hit northern Italy late last night, in the same area struck by two deadly quakes in the last two weeks.

The latest shock was centred on the town of Novi di Modena, near where the two previous quakes killed more than 20 people and forced more than 14,000 to move out of their homes.

Illegals face three years in prison

ISRAEL will jail illegal immigrants for up to three years under a law put into effect yesterday.

The new law is aimed at stemming the flow of Africans entering Israel across the porous desert border with Egypt.

BBC worker 'put dead baby on fire'

A BBC employee has admitted he burnt the body of a baby on a pile of rubbish after the 2004 tsunami -- because he felt it was a threat to the health of his reporting team.

Bodyguard Craig Summers (52) discovered the body outside the house in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, where BBC staff were staying.

Man blows up club after being refused

A man blew up the entrance to a packed Serb nightclub with a hand grenade after he was refused admission, killing himself, a friend and a bystander, and injuring eight.

The explosion ripped through the entrance to the club in Idvor, north of Belgrade, yesterday morning.

Waitress returns $435,000 cheque

A Cleveland waitress has returned a tax refund cheque for $435,000 (€350,000).

Ginny Hopkins, a waitress for 40 years, got the cheque in the post, but shocked staff at the Internal Revenue Service office when she arrived and told them: "I'm here to give you a half million dollars."

Loved-up bovines halt rural traffic

A pair of lovestruck bovines tied up traffic near the intersection of two rural Pennsylvania roads in the US.

Policeman John Corna said the amorous bull and cow started mating in the road and held up the traffic. He added that the bull became increasingly irate when they tried to shoo him off the road.

'Hogan's Heroes' Dawson dies at 79

Richard Dawson, the wisecracking British entertainer who starred in 1960s sitcom 'Hogan's Heroes' has died, aged 79.

Mr Dawson, who played POW Peter Newkirk, died in LA from complications related to oesophageal cancer.

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