Wednesday 21 March 2018

Watch - Jimmy Kimmel delivers emotional and powerful response to Las Vegas massacre

The US TV host delivered an emotional monologue last night on his show

TV host Jimmy Kimmel became emotional speaking about the Las Vegas massacre last night
TV host Jimmy Kimmel became emotional speaking about the Las Vegas massacre last night

Sean Nolan

US TV host Jimmy Kimmel became upset as he delivered a powerful plea for gun control following the attack on Las Vegas.

The comedian, who is from Las Vegas, was visibly upset as he began his show last night, with his voice breaking as he spoke about children waking up without parents today.

Kimmel then went on to slam the politicians who refuse to crack down on guns.

"I don't know why our so-called leaders continue to allow this to happen," Kimmel said.

"Or maybe a better question - why do we continue to let them allow it to happen?" he added.

During his 10-minute monologue, Kimmel also said: "I want this to be a comedy show. I hate talking about stuff like this. I just want to laugh about things every night, but that — it seems to be becoming increasingly difficult lately. It feels like someone has opened a window into hell.

"And what I'm talking about tonight isn't about gun control, it's about common sense. Common sense says no good will ever come from allowing a person to have weapons that can take down 527 Americans at a concert. Common sense says you don't let those who suffer from mental illness buy guns."

Kimmel also showed the pictures of 56 US senators who voted against closing loopholes in the weapons check legislation in the wake of last year's shooting in Orlando that left 49 dead.

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