Wednesday 24 October 2018

WATCH: Heroic fireman catches baby thrown from burning building

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An American firefighter is being hailed as a hero after a video of him rescuing a child from a burning building was published online.

The helmet cam footage shows Cpt. Scott Stroup catching a child thrown away from the blaze.

The DeKalb County Fire Rescue Department uploaded the video to Facebook, which shows the girls father throwing her from a ladder into the Cpt. Stroup's arms.

The January 13th fire at the Avondale Forest Apartments in Decatur left around 80 people without homes. Emergency services rescued 12 people, including eight children, according to WFAA-TV.

"We were catching babies like a football, literally," Capt. Eric Jackson said.

"There were adults that were on the balcony that were dropping their babies right into our arms. We had a couple firefighters catching babies, so it was just really incredible."

One person suffered second-degree burns as a result of the blaze.

A GoFundMe page was set up for a family affected by the blaze to help cover the costs of rent and other expenses until they are back on their feet.

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