Thursday 19 April 2018

VIDEO: Prisoners break out of cell to 'save life' of guard who collapsed with heart attack

Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

A group of inmates in Texas have been hailed as heroes as they broke out of their cell to save the life of their prison guard who suffered a heart attack.

The inmates who were in the basement cell of a court house in Parker County, Texas broke out of their holding and attended to the guard.

According to NBC News they used the guard’s radio to call for help and started banging on the door until help arrived.

Other officers shortly arrived on scene and can be seen calling emergency services that performed CPR on the collapsed guard.

Captain Mark Arnett from the Texas police force told NBC that the holding cell only has a "pretty flimsy lock gate" on it unlike the reinforced doors of jail cells.

"All the inmates, they're in handcuffs. We just stick them in there so they're not wandering around and so they don't grab somebody's gun.

"They definitely saved his life. There's no doubt about that," he said.

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