Sunday 18 March 2018

'He knows what he's doing, I'd vote for him' - Irish Apprentice star Bill Cullen on Donald Trump's victory

Bill Cullen
Bill Cullen
Laura Larkin

Laura Larkin

Ireland’s own Apprentice star, Bill Cullen, has revealed he would have backed Trump if he lived in the US.

The businessman, who was at the helm of the Irish version of the reality show between 2008 and 2011, believes Trump will be good news for the US but not for Ireland.

“Everyone else thought it was a big surprise but I was looking at this guy all the time, he’s a businessman, he knows what he’s doing, he was bankrupt... when you put all that together you say he has to have something that could work for the American people.

“I didn’t predict it, I said I would vote for him if I was over there... You just have to look at him to know that he’s strong. He went bankrupt and he’s back again; it’s terrific, I think he’s a great guy,” he said.

“I hope he is able to do the same for the whole of America,” he added.

While he was in the same room as the new President before, he said he didn’t speak to him.

Critics of the mogul have highlighted his lack of political experience compared to Hillary Clinton but Mr Cullen said the country needed someone with a business focus not a political background.

“Overall… Mrs Clinton is not what I would think of [for] the job,” he said. 

“She’s a politician, you don’t want a politician. You want someone who has good business in front of them and behind them.

“He’ll be able to do things that nobody else there did,” he told Ray D’arcy on RTE Radio One today.

 “It mightn’t be a bit good for us… I don’t think himself will be out to do anything here. I don’t think he likes Ireland,” he continued.

Mr Cullen predicted that Trump will lower the corporate tax rate to 15pc as promised during his controversial campaign.

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