Friday 24 November 2017

Terrified mum rushed daughter (2) to A&E after she ate potentially poisonous berry at playground

Common yew
Common yew
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

A terrified mum has told of how she rushed her toddler to A&E after she ate a potentially poisonous berry at a playground.

Joy Vernon (2) spent seven hours in the emergency room after she ate a yew berry at a New York City playground.

Her mum told New York Post she found the berry in the water fountain.

The flesh of the berry is safe, but the tiny seeds can be potentially lethal.

"These bushes are literally surrounding the playground,” Joy’s mom, Natalie Gruppuso, said.

“I want them removed, because toddlers are very likely to put things in their mouth that look enticing.”

The shocked mother said she ran towards her toddler when she saw her pop something in her mouth, and discovered a "bunch" of red berries on top of the fountain drain.

She searched the image on Google and realised her young daughter had eaten a yew berry.

She read that the seeds can be toxic and lead to cardiac arrest, and promptly picked up her daughter and rushed to A&E.

Experts told the newspaper if the young girl had eaten any more she could have died.

The Tree Council of Ireland has warned people not to plant the bush in an area where the seeds can put children or animals at risk.

The fruit can be eaten safely by birds.

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