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Tennis star’s ex-husband kills their children as they slept


Stephanie Reece with her two children Shelby and Harrison

Stephanie Reece with her two children Shelby and Harrison

Stephanie Reece with her two children Shelby and Harrison

The ex-husband of a US tennis star killed his son and daughter in their sleep, and then turned the gun on himself, police said.

Boone County, Indiana police found the bodies of Michael Hunn (50) and his two children, Shelby (13) and Harrison (15) at the father’s home about 20 miles northwest of Indianapolis just after 10:30am on Friday, Indianapolis' Fox 59 media outlet reported.

Stephanie Reece, a former pro tennis player, became worried when her children were reported absent from school. 

Reece called Hunn and her children, but no one answered, so she drove to Hunn's home, in rural Boone County.

When no one answered the door, she called 911, the outlet reported.

Boone County Sheriff's deputies found Hunn, dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, in his house. The two children also had been killed, likely shot while sleeping.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and they do not yet know of a motive.

Shelby was described as “always such a sweet girl” who was “so funny and crazy and everybody loved her,” a friend told WTHR News.

The same friend described Harrison as “a really great kid.”

“He was there for everybody. He tried to make people laugh if they were having a bad day,” they said.

Reece and Hunn were married for 17 years before divorcing in November 2017, Indy Star reported.

They shared custody of their children and the children were at father's home as part of an arranged visit.

However, court documents obtained by the media outlet show ongoing issues between them after their divorce and that Reece had been concerned about Hunn's behavior around the children and requested time with them be reduced and his blood alcohol level be monitored.

The children had told family Hunn wasn’t fit to take care of them properly because of his drinking habit, the document said.

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