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Starry price: 'Vincent' lyrics on sale for €1.3m


Don McLean

Don McLean

Don McLean

The original handwritten lyrics of Don McLean's song 'Vincent', a tribute to painter Vincent van Gogh, are going up for sale with an asking price of $1.5m (€1.3m).

Los Angeles-based rare documents dealer Moments in Time said yesterday that the lyrics, scrawled in pencil over 14 pages with deletions and additions, are being sold by a person who acquired them directly from the US singer-songwriter.

First released in 1971, 'Vincent' opens with the words "Starry, starry night".

McLean (74) has said he was inspired to write it after reading a biography of van Gogh.

The 'Vincent' lyrics were most recently seen in public when McLean, lent them to the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville for an exhibition.

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