Tuesday 12 December 2017

Prowling clown arrested in woods near apartment block as 'creepy clown' fears spread

The man dressed as a clown was found lurking in woods
The man dressed as a clown was found lurking in woods

Barney Henderson

A man dressed as a clown has been found by police lurking in a wooded area near an apartment block as several further "creepy" clown sightings have been reported across the US.

Jonathan Martin (20) was arrested and charged with wearing a hood or mask in a public place, disorderly conduct and two outstanding warrants for non-payment of fines and failure to appear in court.

The man dressed as a clown was found lurking in woods
The man dressed as a clown was found lurking in woods

He was found by police at 1am on Friday morning in Middlesboro "in full clown costume", crouching among trees.

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“Upon stopping and seeing the clown,” Mr Martin started running towards a vehicle at the apartment complex, the arresting offcier stated.

In that part of Kentucky, the law states: “No person shall, while wearing any hood, mask or device whereby a substantial portion of the face is hidden or covered so as to conceal the identity of the wearer, enter, be or appear in any public place within the city.”

The man dressed as a clown was found lurking in woods
The man dressed as a clown was found lurking in woods

It is the latest clown encounter after several reported incidents  several US states in the past few weeks.

Earlier this week, there were reports of a clown sighting at night on the 192 highway in the city of London, Kentucky.

“So, I was a little scared to post this because I didn't think anyone would believe me until Kelly Hill [a Facebook friend] told me that one of her friends just had seen a clown here in London," she wrote.

“And I was out tonight and was headed back home on 192 and saw this. Now, it's not a really good picture because I couldn't stop, there [were] people behind me.

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“I seriously think this clown thing has gotten out of hand and someone is going to get hurt. Please share this so people around London will know that they are here!”

In August there were reports of clowns trying to lure children into the woods in a small town in South Carolina.

There were a number of mysterious sightings of clowns standing near basketball courts, in woodlands and under streetlights in and around Greenville.


At a glance | Strange clown activity around the world

  1. In 2014, police in Agade, France, arrested 14 teenagers who were dressed as clowns, carrying weapons.
  2. A man known as the Northampton Clown terrified children and caused parents to become irate when he dressed as a clown and stood on street corners.
  3. In 2013, Lincolnshire police warned residents that there had been a spate of people dressing as clowns and intimidating locals.
  4. Also in 2013, police in Kings Lynn warned residents to stay away from clowns after reports of men dressed up in clown outfits terrifying residents.
  5. Again in 2013, a man known as the Mansfield Clown was known for terrifying residents in Nottinghamshire.
  6. In 2013, in Normanton, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire, residents urged police to take action after clowns were spotted scaring residents.


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