Wednesday 12 December 2018

Who is Dr Ronny L Jackson? The White House doctor behind Trump's medical test

Dr Ronny Jackson, White House physician. Photo: Reuters/Carlos Barria
Dr Ronny Jackson, White House physician. Photo: Reuters/Carlos Barria Newsdesk Newsdesk

The results of Donald Trump's first medical exam as US president were revealed on Tuesday by White House physician Dr Ronny L Jackson and according to the doctor, Trump is in excellent physical and cognitive health.

The results have come under a high level of scrutiny since the publication of controversial book, Fire and Fury: Inside Trump's White House, raised questions about Trump's mental health and fitness for office.

The test was administered by Dr Ronny L Jackson, who has served in the White House medical team since 2006 and as the official White House doctor since 2013.

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The doctor assumed care of Trump when he took office in 2016 and has spent a "significant" amount of time with the president over the past year.

White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said Dr Jackson is the physician from the medical team that Trump spends the most time with.

With a background in emergency medicine, the doctor has served in navy bases across the US, as well as an explosive unit in Italy and a platoon in Iraq as the resuscitative medicine physician.

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According to his naval biography, Jackson grew up in West Texas and attended Texas A&M University, specialising in marine biology before going to medical school at the University of Texas.

It was during his time in Iraq that Jackson was chosen as a White House physician and returned to the US in 2006. In 2013, Obama promoted him to the top role, where he has remained since.

Top advisers to Obama were quick to praise the doctor following the revelation of Trump health results.

"Dr Jackson is a phenomenal doctor and a really great guy,” Dan Pfeiffer, Obama’s senior adviser, posted Tuesday on Twitter. “He and his team took great care of all of us for many years.”

Jackson gave details on Tuesday following Trump's test at the Walter Reed military hospital.

Jackson reported that the 6ft 3in president weighed in at 239lb, 3lb heavier than he was in September 2016.

Trump’s blood pressure was 122 over 74, and his total cholesterol was 223, which is higher than recommended.

Trump was 70 when he took office, making him the oldest person ever elected to the nation’s highest office.

Jackson said Trump is healthy and should remain so for the remainder of his presidency.

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