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'Mood in New York after the election was like the day after 9/11,' says Byrne


Gabriel Byrne. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Gabriel Byrne. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Gabriel Byrne. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Actor Gabriel Byrne has likened the mood in New York City the day after Donald Trump was elected US president as similar to the mood after 9/11.

The movie star said people were walking around in "disbelief and fear" after the Republican candidate defeated frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Mr Byrne, who lives in Manhattan, admitted he was worried about what would happen to undocumented immigrants under the Trump administration.

"The last thing I remember like that in this city was after 9/11 when people were wandering around in shock and disbelief and fear.

"For undocumented workers, and I know quite a few around the city, it's hard to imagine how afraid these people are.

"There was one guy working on a building site who told me he couldn't go to his father's funeral because he was afraid he wouldn't be let back in again," he said.

The Dubliner (66) said there was an "awareness" in New York that the United States could transform into a dictatorship.

"When you see families being torn apart, you realise that not being awake politically results in this kind of situation. People in New York were in an echo chamber and they were almost smug that she would win. There's a fear and an awareness that we could be entering a totalitarian dictatorship," he told Jarlath Regan's 'An Irish Man Abroad' podcast.

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