Saturday 16 November 2019

Ian O'Doherty: Seriously Trumpers, stop moaning - hysterical overreactions are now a non-partisan issue

The video of Donald Trump scrapping
The video of Donald Trump scrapping
Ian O'Doherty

Ian O'Doherty

I'm sure, by now, that you've seen the video of Donald Trump scrapping with a guy with the CNN logo digitally superimposed on his head.

It was a bit like something you'd see Trump doing back when he was trying to drum up publicity for The Apprentice.

But this time it was in the context of him being the President of the United States and leader of the free world - whether he wants the international element of that gig or not, it's his until he leaves office - and people promptly, and predictably, absolutely lost their reason.

According to CNN, he was encouraging violence against journalists and, as a journalist, I am going to make a typically brave and heroic assertion - I am against violence against journalists.

Frankly, I think violence against journalists is a Very Bad Thing.

But this wasn't encouraging violence against hacks, because people aren't as stupid as the liberal media likes to think they are.

When I saw the video, I sorta laughed and sorta groaned because (a) it was moderately amusing but more importantly (b) he's the bleedin' president and he really should have better things to be doing with his time than retweeting silly videos.

But if you look at the outrage this latest stunt provoked you will see one thing - it's all fake.

People don't genuinely think it's going to lead to journalists, even the ones with CNN, being dragged from their beds by hordes of moderately irked Trump supporters.

It seems both sides of the political and media aisle have become terrible wussies.

Nobody seriously thinks Kathy Griffin wants to decapitate Trump or was encouraging her dwindling band of fans to do same.

Nobody seriously thinks that Snoop having pops at Trump in a video means he wants to kill him.

Instead, what we have is further enfeebling of the debate, where both sides are well able to dish it out but neither side is able to take return fire.

One of the many great myths we've all been sold by many of Trump's supporters is that they are made of the right stuff, while the left are all snowflake and whiny girly-men.

That's true, to a ridiculous degree. But the knife cuts both ways and now hysterical overreactions have become a non-partisan issue, because all are guilty.

Seriously Trumpers, stop moaning.

Anyway, everyone missed Trump's best plan, and it was largely left to American journo Greg Gutfeld to point it out - his idea to turn the border wall into a giant solar panel is one of the greatest pieces of political mischief in a long time.

Let's see the Green zealots try to argue that a giant, energy-producing solar panel is a bad idea...

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