Wednesday 22 November 2017

Another more-than eventful few days in the White House: Here are 10 things Trump did this week

President Donald Trump Photo: AFP/Getty Images
President Donald Trump Photo: AFP/Getty Images Newsdesk Newsdesk

US President Donald Trump has hit headlines repeatedly this week for both his policies and his family life.

Here are 10 things Donald Trump did this week:

Trump vowed to fight for his immigration policy

Defiant Donald Trump has vowed to fight an appeal court decision refusing to reinstate his ban on travellers from seven Muslim-majority nations, tweeting: "SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!"

For now, it means refugees and people from seven majority-Muslim nations identified in the president's surprise January 27 executive order can continue entering the country.

But the executive order is not dead either, it just is not being enforced while the courts debate its legality.

The government has 14 days to ask the court to reconsider Thursday's decision and it could also file an emergency appeal with the US Supreme Court, which would go to Justice Anthony Kennedy for referral to the rest of the court.

Trump said he will honour the 'One-China' policy

Trump has told President Xi Jinping that America will honour Washington's "one China" policy, which has been at the centre of friction between the global powers since his election as US president.

During a phone call on Thursday night Mr Trump "agreed, at the request of President Xi", to honour the policy that requires Washington to maintain only unofficial ties with China's rival Taiwan, the White House said.

Trump hit out at a clothing store for treating daughter Ivanka "unfairly"

The president accused Nordstrom, the high-end department store, of treating Ivanka Trump "so unfairly" by pulling her eponymous products from its shelves, and said she was a "great person" who was "always pushing me to do the right thing". He added she was someone who did not deserve to see her business suffer.

Ivanka Trump

Nordstrom's decision to drop the brand came amid the "#GrabYourWallet" boycott of Trump-branded products, which has resulted in a sales plummet, according to the company.

Another retailer, TJ Maxx, told its employees to throw away signs advertising Ms Trump's brand and directed its stores to mix her range in with other products, which would make them less visible in stores.

Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, defended Mr Trump's tweet.

"I think this is less about his family's business than an attack on his daughter," said Mr Spicer.

"I think for people to take out their concern about his actions or his executive orders on members of his family, he has every right to stand up for his family and applaud their business activities, their success.

"There's clearly an attempt for him to stand up for her because she is being maligned because they have a problem with his policies."

Conway 'counselled' for Ivanka pitch

A a day after President Trump attacked Nordstrom on Twitter for dropping his daughter's fashion line, top White House adviser Kellyanne Conway was "counselled" after she urged people to buy Ivanka Trump products during an interview on Fox News.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said: "She's been counselled, and that's all we're going to say."

Ms Conway spoke on Fox News from the White House briefing room. She encouraged people to "go buy Ivanka's stuff".

New US attorney general appointed

Alabama senator Jeff Sessions was appointed as the new US attorney general, despite fierce Democratic opposition over his record on civil rights and immigration.

After Mr Trump nominated Mr Sessions, Democrats laid into the senator, casting him as too cosy with Mr Trump and too harsh on immigrants.

They said he would not do enough to protect voting rights of minorities, protections for gays and the legal right of women to obtain an abortion.

And they fear immigrants in the US illegally will not receive due process with Mr Sessions as the top law enforcement officer.

Trump 'regrets hiring Press Secretary Sean Spicer'

17 NEWS SPICER 634154508.jpg
White House press secretary Sean Spicer. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

It was reported this week that Trump 'regrets' choosing Sean Spicer as his Press Secretary.

President Trump is disappointed with Mr Spicer’s performance and blames his chief of staff, Reince Priebus, for pushing for Mr Spicer for the job, CNN reported.

"Priebus vouched for Spicer and against Trump's instincts," one source told the network, adding that the president "regrets it every day and blames Priebus.”

Mr Spicer is a longtime Republican party operative and has a close relationship with Mr Priebus. However, in his first two weeks, he’s berated reporters and has been tasked with defending numerous falsehoods pushed forth by the Trump administration.

Trump admitted he didn't realise the magnitude of the job

Earlier this week, Donald Trump says he's working "long hours" and frequently only gets about four or five hours of sleep a night.

The US president told Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor that he typically works until midnight or 1am, then wakes up at 5am to eat, read newspapers and check the television.

Mr Trump said that at the start of his presidency he has been surprised by "the size, the magnitude of everything" and being president can be a "surreal experience in a certain way".

But he added: "You have to get over it because there's so much work to be done."

Pope Francis denounces Trump's comments

Pope Francis repeated his appeal for people to build bridges of understanding, not walls as he marked a feast day of a Sudanese immigrant amid a global uproar over the Trump administration's attempts to impose a travel ban on seven mostly Muslim countries.

"In the social and civil context as well, I appeal not to create walls but to build bridges," he said. "To not respond to evil with evil. To defeat evil with good, the offence with forgiveness. A Christian would never say 'you will pay for that.' Never.

"That is not a Christian gesture. An offence you overcome with forgiveness. To live in peace with everyone."

Trump approved new budget airline for US-Irish routes

Trump confirmed he has no objection to plans by a budget airline to enter the transatlantic market, which would serve as a massive tourism boost to Ireland.

US President Trump’s spokesman, Sean Spicer, confirmed when questioned about plans by Norwegian Air International (NAI) for new US-Irish routes that the White House sees major benefits in the project.

NAI plan direct services from Cork and Shannon to Boston and New York – with other potential Irish and US cities likely to be added.

The airline hailed the statement as “a correct understanding” of the benefits their proposed Irish-US services will offer.

Trump's Supreme Court nominee blasted president's 'demoralising' attacks on judges

Trump was rebuked by his nominee for the US Supreme Court for his extended criticism of the judiciary.

Judge Neil Gorsuch told a senator the US president's comments were "demoralising and disheartening".

Donald Trump applauds as he stands with Judge Neil Gorsuch after announcing him as his nominee for the Supreme Court (AP)

Judge Gorsuch, nominated by Mr Trump to the nation's high court last week, made the comments after the president accused an appeal court considering his immigration and refugee ban order of being "so political".

Mr Trump also labelled a judge who ruled on his executive order a "so-called judge" and referred to the ruling as "ridiculous".

With reporting from Press Association and Reuters

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