Friday 24 January 2020

Man used episode of CSI to stage suicide to look like a murder


Conor McCrave

The case of a man who was found dead near his home in January reportedly used an episode from TV show CSI to make his suicide look like a murder, according to local authorities.

Alan Jay Abrahamson (71) was found near his BallenIsles Country Club home in Florida in Januray.

Local authorities initially ruled the death as murder and offered a reward for anyone with information.

When that turned up no results, they went digging online only to find a 2003 CSI episode with a “plausible” scenario as to how the man had died.

In the episode, a gun is tied to a weather balloon and after it is shot, a weather balloon is used to carry the gun into the air and out to sea where it would later burst and sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Police learned that the man had purchased two weather balloons in the weeks leading up to his death, and he had been seen asking how far the balloons could travel and how much weight they could carry.

He was also seen on CCTV footage walking in the area alone in the hours before he died.

When police arrived at the scene, there was a thin blood stain along the collar similar to the size of a piece of string.

His online browsing history also showed up searches asking the question: ‘Can life insurance companies deny payment for suicide?’ although local police said they had not found a motive.

No weapon or evidence of the balloons were ever found.

In a report on Friday Mr Abrahamson’s death was officially ruled as a suicide when the case was closed. 


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