Thursday 27 June 2019

Man tells girl he raped from ages four to 12 to 'get over it', police claim

Ronnie Lynn Gipson
Ronnie Lynn Gipson

Shehab Khan

A man who admitted to raping a child for nearly a decade told her to “get over it” when she confronted him on social media as an adult, police said.

Ronnie Lynn Gipson, 45, apparently admitted to initiating sexual contact with the girl from when she was 4-years-old until she was 12.

The Arkansas native would allegedly use the code “do you want to play” when he wanted to engage with sexual activity with the child.

His victim, who now serves in the Air Force, recently reported the abuse and on request of investigators confronted Gipson on social media.

During the exchange he apparently told her to “get over it” and “it is done”, the Kansas City Star reported.

Following his arrested, Mr Gipson allegedly admitted to raping the woman when she was a child, telling police that it began she was three or four.

He is said to have told officers that he did not have intercourse with her until she turned 8, according to the River Valley Leader.  

Currently held on a $500,000 (€420,000) bond, Mr Gipson faces a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison and a maximum of life.

He has been ordered to have no contact with his victim whatsoever.

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