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Man has ear bitten off in row over Trump


Marco Ortiz

Marco Ortiz

Marco Ortiz

Police in the US have said a man bit the ear off another man during an argument about new President Donald Trump.

The dispute, which began in the men's shared apartment in Pittsburgh, and escalated to the point of violence. The victim ran into a nearby gas station for help.

Police were unable to say if the alleged victim Marco Ortiz (30) was a supporter of Trump or not.

The incident happened at 6.45 on Monday in the city’s East Liberty neighborhood after a verbal argument turned physical. He ran to a gas station for help.

The victim’s ear was recovered by police in the apartment according to the New York Post. 

The man was hospitalised and a hunt is underway for the man who bit his ear. His name is known to police.

Speaking to the media afterwards the victim said the row was centred on fears that Trump would deport him.

"He bite me, he take my finger and went like this...[twisted finger]," he said.

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