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Judge who asked alleged rape victim why she didn't 'just keep knees together' resigns


Justice Robin Camp (Photo: Federal Court of Canada)

Justice Robin Camp (Photo: Federal Court of Canada)

Justice Robin Camp (Photo: Federal Court of Canada)

A Canadian judge who asked an alleged rape victim why she could "not just keep your knees together" has resigned.

The judge said in a statement, released through his lawyer, that he was guilty of victim-blaming throughout the trial.

Justice Robin Camp has today stepped down following a 15-month review.

Mr Camp incorrectly referred to the woman as "the accused" on several occasions, and asked why she did not "just sink your bottom" into a bathroom sink to avoid the rape.

In more than 1,000 pages in transcripts from the trial, released last year, Mr Camp asks: "Why didn’t you just sink your bottom down into the basin so he couldn’t penetrate you?"

After the alleged victim answered that she "was drunk" he asked: "And when your ankles were held together by your jeans, your skinny jeans, why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?"

Mr Camp also told her "pain and sex sometimes go together".

The review findings, released on Wednesday, found Mr Camp at times addressed the complainant – a young indigenous woman who was homeless at the time of the alleged rape – "in a manner that was at times condescending, humiliating and disrespectful".

Alexander Wagner stood trial in Calgary in 2014 accused of sexually assaulting a woman, then aged 19, as she sat in a bathroom sink in 2011.

Mr Wagner was ultimately found not guilty in 2014 and again not guilty after a retrial last year.

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