Sunday 15 September 2019

'In a world full of turmoil and strife, there is still light and joy' - Video of young girl hearing she will be adopted by foster family goes viral Newsdesk Newsdesk

A video of a young girl being told that she will be adopted by her foster family has gone viral after a school security camera captured the heartwarming moment.

Tannah Butterfield (11), a pupil at at American Heritage school in South Jordan, jumped up and down when the school’s office manager, Jackie Alexander, gave her the news.

Posting the video on Instagram, a day after the Las Vegas massacre, Jackie wrote that the world needed some more "light and joy".

"Some Mondays are better than others.

"This is pure testament that in a world full of turmoil and strife, there is still light and joy to be found in little everyday moments."

Tannah's foster mum Jennifer Fisher had a lengthy battle to adopt Tanner along with her brother Teagun (6) and sister Tallie (2).

"It's been hard to watch them fight this emotional battle. My love has grown for this family and I have learned so much from them as they have tried to remain positive despite many set backs. Today my phone rang at my desk and it was my friend Jen telling me things FINALLY had come to an end and the courts were going to let them ADOPT the children!! She asked me if I would be sure to tell her sweet girl when she came to my desk for her daily visit. She knew she would want to know right away because she had been so worried," Jackie said.

"To tell a little girl that she gets her family forever takes the cake. I can't even describe that hug...and thank heavens her mom doesn't mind that I kissed her a million times, and a million more after the film cuts off. A moment needed after waking up to another morning of devastating news on t.v....but a sweet reminder today that life can be and still is beautiful in spite of it all."

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