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Hunter Biden’s affair exposed after daughters read his texts


Hunter Biden was thrown out of the family home by former wife Kathleen Buhle after she found a crack pipe.

Hunter Biden was thrown out of the family home by former wife Kathleen Buhle after she found a crack pipe.

Hunter Biden was thrown out of the family home by former wife Kathleen Buhle after she found a crack pipe.

Hunter Biden’s daughters found out he was having an affair with his late brother’s widow after reading his text messages.

Details of the discovery are disclosed in a book by Hunter’s ex-wife, which will be published next week. The memoir is expected to further embarrass his father Joe Biden, the US president, after earlier revelations of Hunter’s drug use and business dealings.

Kathleen Buhle married Hunter in 1993 and they have three daughters — Naomi (28), Finnegan (23), and Maisy, (21).

In 2017 it emerged publicly that Hunter was in a relationship with Hallie Biden, the widow of his elder brother Beau Biden, who died from brain cancer in May 2015.

The president publicly backed the couple, saying he was “happy” that Hunter and Ms Biden “found each other”.

In her book If We Break, Ms Buhle says that after the death of Beau, Hunter began spending most of his time at Ms Biden’s home. A therapist told her it was important that he do so as part of the grieving process, she said.

Ms Buhle wrote that Hunter had already admitted cheating with prostitutes while away on business trips.

In the summer of 2015 she found a crack pipe in an ashtray and threw her husband out of their house.

In November 2016 Ms Buhle’s daughter Finnegan phoned her from the home of the family therapist, and asked her to go there.

When Ms Buhle arrived, Finnegan was curled up in a chair weeping and Naomi was on a speakerphone.

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Finnegan asked the therapist to tell their mother what was going on, saying: “We can’t do it.”

The therapist then told Ms Buhle: “Kathleen, Hunter’s having an affair with Hallie.”

Her daughters told her they knew because they had found their father’s phone, and discovered text messages between him and their aunt.

They had already phoned their father and told him they knew about the affair. Ms Buhle wrote: “‘Oh my God.’ This was all I said. Was this what shock felt like? I could see Finnegan’s face relaxing now that the secret was out and I hadn’t fallen apart.

“If anything, I felt a strange vindication. Not only had I not been crazy, but it was so much worse than I could have imagined. I was shocked, but not heartbroken.”

Her divorce from Hunter was finalised in 2017.

In the book, Ms Buhle described Joe Biden as the “sun around which we all revolved”, and said he would always introduce her as his daughter.

However, a “sore point” for her was that, unlike Hunter and their daughters, she was not provided with Secret Service protection when Mr Biden became vice-president following the 2008 election.

She said it made her feel she was “not truly a Biden”, and was “another reminder that I was not ‘family’”.

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