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Hackers break into Republican staff emails


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A top US Republican Party campaign committee has confirmed it fell victim to a cyber attack during the 2018 election campaign.

The attack on the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), the campaign arm for Republicans in the House of Representatives, left the email accounts of high-ranking members compromised for several months before the hack was detected.

The FBI was informed days later and launched an investigation into the source of the cyber attack, the NRCC said.

The email accounts of four "senior staffers" were breached and involved "multiple intrusions over a few months" before the attack was discovered in April, an official connected to the investigation said.

The attack, first reported by the website Politico, was deemed so sensitive that senior Republicans, including the House Speaker Paul Ryan, were not told of the breach until reporters began inquiring about it on Monday.

The committee took on the services of prominent Washington legal firms as well as the public strategy firm Mercury to handle the incident.

A spokesman for the committee confirmed the hack yesterday.

"The NRCC can confirm that it was the victim of a cyber intrusion by an unknown entity," the spokesman said. (© Daily Telegraph London)