Tuesday 20 March 2018

Donald Trump once fired an ‘Apprentice’ contestant for ‘locker room talk’

Donald Trump hosting The Apprentice
Donald Trump hosting The Apprentice
Daire Courtney

Daire Courtney

A recently unearthed video which shows Donald Trump casually discussing groping women has once again come under the spotlight.

In his apology for the video, Trump passed off the remarks about “grabbing women by the p***y” as ‘locker room talk’.

As it turns out, Trump once fired a contestant from his popular TV show ‘The Apprentice’ for exactly that.

A 2010 clip dug out of the archives by ‘The Daily Show’ shows a board meeting where Trump fires Maria Kanellis for making ‘gross’ remarks about a fellow contestant.

Maria Kanellis told fellow contestant Curtis Stone “The reason why I said you were so arrogant is because you came into our dressing room, and you took a crap, and left the stench in the room.”

Trump responded to her remarks by saying “It’s a little gross, right?”

“Isn’t it sort of gross to bringing that up? It’s like disgusting. This is my boardroom. It’s not a locker room. Maria, you’re fired.”

Trump has faced criticism from his own party and even his wife over the remarks. Since his apology, several prominent American athletes have publicly criticised him for claiming the remarks were ‘locker room talk,’ saying “this is not how athletes talk in the locker room.”

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